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ratus we cannot affect to give any opinion as to its merits.
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selection of donors by the blood-group tests is becoming better
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a peculiar involuntary motion of the right arm. This movement was perpetual,
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a crystalline sublimate entirely takes their place.
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world occupying three years and a half, and during which he
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the product of an Indian printing-press. It would be more
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calmative and hypnotic, and has known it to procure repose in
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nective tissue, and it is covered over with a layer of tesselated
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(2) Its presence in the flap bears up the soft parts from the
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at the stomach, vomiting, and chills, succeeded by heat in the skin. When evacua-
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choreic affections. Amongst the anatomical characters presented
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Physical examination showed a well-developed and well-
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command of God. Do not "hen-peck" each other; but live in mutual lovo and
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clinically, and therefore tliis method of calculation is no longer
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nection with one of these three parts. Finally, that which is
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modified to include eggs, fruit, and vegetables with a low carbo-
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cessation,^ or for the good effects at times found to attend the use
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is necessary to restore health to the organs ; but generally the Water Regulator will
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roborate his results. It has appeared to me that the failures to
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and a nitrogen balance was obtained; the blood-sugar never
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As to drug therapy, during the first attack of the disease
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which is to be treated in the same way ; and, in like manner, a third,
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various regions of the world, together with occasional notices of the
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Avoid being housed up too much. Beware of constant and close confinement in
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cases, in twenty-two the optic thalami were either softened, in-
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nose. The test is normal on the left side. The finger -to-Hnger
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that every person, and particularly those who are subject to attacks of this cha-
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arrangements for the investigation of violent and sudden deaths
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accompany meningitis, cerebral haemorrhage, encepbalitiB, senile
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recovered. He then describes his apparatus. It consists of a pump
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In the evening she had an epileptic attack, and again became violent.
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rectum, bladder, or pit of the stomach? flying pains, or hot flushes? pain in kidneys
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After accustoming the animals to these proceedings for some time
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remedial agents be applied, consumption will soon seal the fate of the sufferer. E
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relating to the ophthalmoscope and to refraction are illustrated
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and controlling coUc and abdominal discomfort in general.