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Cut the theory of life promulgated by Bichat was a failure. It failed,

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variable. It may continue for months and years. A fatal termination is

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erties of gelatin. With the same equivalent of metal in combination

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many of the symptoms by the aid of chronic meningitis; hence the

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particular stage of development as seen through modern microscopes.

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possibility be justified. The exclusion of death or disablement

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Fixing or hardening of the dry preparation can be accomplished by

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phosphoric acid and trymethalmine exert a marked influence in

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offered this apposite illustration of the phenomenon.

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In parenthesis I might remark here that when Dr. Samuel

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This subject of ancient pathology was a most entrancing one,

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It is the desire of the reviewer to see more books like this used by

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planes. Such hernia present two principal varieties —

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distinct service in diminishing the duration of the affection,

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treated for a cough. Enlarged glands were found above

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tions, which she descril)ed, when I submitted her to

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gone up stairs to my bed chamber and lighted the gas,

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Just at present, in this, as in a number of other things,

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habits and life generally; secondly, the cause of the pneumonia,

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other. Absorbent vessels, which contain chyle, are found in

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When a cerebral tumor begins with psychic disturbances, or

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a decreased amplitude, otherwise the rate was not affected (Fig. 8).

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charges of the patient can yield him, to understand the action

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of bilirubin and the weight of urobilin produced, and such a varia-

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cells cannot utilize sugar delivered to them in the sap until they have first

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dexterity in the technique — so that special cases might have a

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2. That when diagnosis is certain, the extent of the tuber-

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determines the blood to the surface, thus relieving the overdistended