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As experience is gained in this sort of examination, the examiner will be quicker to discover can conditions which even the better but slower and more deliberate clinician would fail to discover.

CDce of my colleagues, I have often, when summoned out of town into a remote region, met a physician who, as soon as the immediate cause of our conference had been attended to, would ask me about some case he had heard expounded ten, fifteen or twenty years before at the Pennsylvania Hospital; or quote, in support of his view of the malady "uk" before us, a case there seen, and describe it so vividly that it seemed as if it had been but yesterday met with. Now, what is the objection to interfering and trephining? The objection which existed free formerly is gone.


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These cells are most of them epithelioid in character "in" and show very few leucocytes mingled with them. John B., notice of book by, Hammond, William Alexander, death of, Hanan, James Taylor, disinfection of the Hare, Hobart Amory, notice of book edited Harlem Medical Association, officers of work of the Marine- Hospital corps in, Heart, accentuation of the second pulmonary sound, definition and significance the, causes of failure in compensa influence of mechanical irritation of the change of position of the trip body, SiS: of valvular and muscular lesions of the, repose and exercise in diseases of the, Heat, intense, in the Southern hemisphere, Heisler, John Clement, notice of book by, hemiplegia and aphasia in intestinal, Hemmeter, John C, notice of book by, Hemorrhage, free drinking of water in, Herman, J.