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that case, he writes only sixteen days after the extract was applied.

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may become dangerous if its mature segments enter the stomach during a

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Closely allied in symptoms and probably also in basal cerebral con-

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doxazosin mesylate 8 mg generic

of the two diseases, it would appear that either poliomyelitis or neuritis

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ture, free sweating, and collapse. Aconite poisoning is characterized by

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the small intestine, and a cutaneous or gastro-intestinal fistula follow the

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usually occurs after middle life, and its etiology is as obscure as that of

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should be applied to the back of the ear. Salicylates may also be

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ease which is simulated. Thus, in a cardiac crisis the pain will centre

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character when the stomach is distended with air or gas, which also may

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often severe, and may become intense on motion of the joint ; it is usually