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children the proper German (Hochdeuisch) as their mother
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posterior portion of the shell. Finally, the ogive in front
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the habit of using liquor, and occasionally got drunk. He was in
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indelibly associated with his name, owed its origin to the
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again, there is a tendency to exaggerate every thing connected
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May and June, 1899; also Phila. Med. Jnl., April, 1899) "Antrum
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settled at the ambulance. They are transcribed from, and
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operation was performed, and of the cool discernment with which an indispensable
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of gonococci in the lymph tracts, and infiltration of the entire
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" Handbook of Surgical Diagnosis." This fact leads us to hope
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course of its yet uncompleted development, has given rise to
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quently follows long-continued " rheumatogenous influences," as we may call
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me to be the means to reach the enemy at his headquarters :
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ment, which is, perhaps, the most important of the improvements
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that these have to offer our patients is calculated to strengthen
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cern the world whether we consider homoeopathy more "a sci-
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to wounded men who had been left for dead, although the beating of
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under Virchow, white he studied surgery under Bergmaon,
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determining the possibilities in the case. Accordingly, in Janu-
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these "mothers," records of whose informal "councils" are here
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pregnancy, and was said never to have had gonorrhoea After
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between lesions by firearms and ordinary fractures ; and,
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genealogy, says: "Sarah Weir was a most efficient and
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as seen by him in European hospitals (for papers in full, see
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Taking the academic course at Yale University, Thomas E. Sat-
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College of Physicians and Surgeons as Professor of Operative Sur-
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limb and the application of dressings. Why should our
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land is a member of the Knights of Pythias, Nobles of the Mystic
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in the country, and freedom from family cares, resulted in tem-
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the pelvis, and a leucorrhceal discharge. She was treated by her
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of Boston. In the winter of 1828-29 he became the private pupil of
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condition, is conducive to good digestion. But what of medi-
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gradually slower, and stops in systole : in warm-blooded animals,
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in the paper, but insuring by this fact the greater fruitfulness
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Medicine ; member of American Medical Association, New York County
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' numbers two Cesarean secticuis among his achievements.
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and had an interesting interview with Stonewall Jackson. He was
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amputate the thigh of the gallant MajorGeneral Hood.
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Numerous articles on surgical subjects; "A New Oper-
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cervix for ihe relief of dysmenorrhcea associated with
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January, 1873, ^^ commenced general practice in Balti-
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1877 of the American Dermatological Association ; he is an honorary