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eggs and milk, also olive oil, and apply mustard poultice over the

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must pump harder and longer in order to get a pail of water. The

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and another may perchance lead substances to be excreted in a way differ-

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secretion of seminal fluid. They are richly supplied with arterial

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is maintained both of nutrition and animal heat. When the store of

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the e:ffusion of serum into the sac of the pericardium. A certain

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pollute the water, nor breed disease should be speedily accomplished.

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inflammation is interrupted by a gastric crisis, and is resumed again

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iishment of a three years' college course . . . Pages 165 — 197.

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able. (2) Motor disturbances are not usually very prominent in com-

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Bach year the character of these disease germs is becoming better

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hibit any special variation that cannot be explained by the change of

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the chest in the region of the heart. The pain may be slight or

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muscular affections, I propose to divide my subject into two main

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that cold can cure pyrexia. And experience shows that it does not ;

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of the examples of so-called retrocedent gout with choleriform symp-

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j)int [one-quarter litre] of tea with every meal) . The food is not of

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may generally make a diagnosis b^^ studying the commencement and

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Its destiny has been shaped by many different causes

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rectal irritation from worms, dysentery or constipation.

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same thickening as it causes in the valves, but thickening of the

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tics, etc. These can only be used in cases where the heart is still

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Case XII. — "A boy, aged 12 years, although of a delicate frame,

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ments to become chronic, these and similar symptoms, indicate that

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What is the nature of this association is not yet clearly understood.

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drates and increase in the quantity of fat, proteids, and alcohol — in

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and satisfied, even without a torced sale of the prop-

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down into the stomach or brought up by means of a bullet-pointed

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practice of Dr. Miller at the New York Hospital, the

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in the course of acute rheumatism, any febrile disturbance to which

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sluggish action of the kidneys — these are some of the explanations offered

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protein is spontaneously precipitated; the urine appears milky when passed

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In some cases, where a tendency to dropsical effusions exists, the

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arterial pressure and be followed by rupture of a vessel.

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is weak and its contractions feeble, the pulse is weak and irregular.

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fact that when treated with mineral acids it yields no reducing substance,