Cvs - the stage of excitement which often precedes and ushers in the attack, and which sometimes succeeds it, is markedly diminished by the combination of the bromide of sodium and ergot. All of these conditions are met Ijy the stamping out process, and whatever retards or hinders this is essentially unsanitary and wasteful (side). One testicle was atrophied, the other considerably enlarged, and in its inferior portion was the seat of a disease the gross appearances of which were quite characteristic diuretic of tuberculous disease. I found that she could bear easily central galvanization with quite strong currents, applied for a considerable time, and that such treatment was followed always, or almost always, by a relief of nervousness and a disposition to sleep, and by mitigation of the hysterical pains in the documentary back and limbs. In a few minutes the corpuscles sink to the bottom of the cell, the number in ten.squares is counted, and this multiplied by ten thousand gives the number in a cubic millimetre of blood: magnum. In reviewing her course prior to this discovery, it was noted that "diurex" an upper respiratory infection had been present on admission to the hospital. And, doubtless, in a similar way the mind of a patient is often poisoned and set against his physician by or a careless or unkind remark of another physician. A NEW INSTRU.MENT FOR THE directions ADMINISTRATION OP It consists of a spiral cylinder open at both ends so advantages were economy, cleanliness, and safety. Rubbing the skin gently also increases the amount of evaporation more In children, especially in the eruptive fevers, when this bath is buy used the exanthema will appear in full view, thus rendering diagnosis certain in many cases where it was before uncertain. Rosenthal observed the effects disappearance of a suddenly developed jiarapaiesis after the extraction of a needle which had been introduced developing during pregnancy which disaiijieared after These observations correspond with the exjierimcnts of Lewisson, wlio produced parajjlegia in animals by But this theory will evidently not suttice to explain in cases which had been regarded during life as examples of reflex jiaralysis from bladder or uteiine disease, etc. By the employment of a strong current, short sittings are made practicable, and diarex definite results are obtained.

If a newspaper reporter steals an abstract of his remarks before some medical society, and publishes the same the next morning, the case is bad enough; but what have we to say to the deliberate publication in full of medical lectures and papers, in which the writers appear as the centres around which the whoje constellation of medical learning, experience, and skill revolves (reviews). A FEW weeks ago there was inaugurated in East Twenty-sixth Street, which may be said to be tlie loss medical (piarter of the city, a new auxiliary to the work which is being carried on by medical men in the hospitals.


It is for this reason particularly that we wish to call the attention of the medical profession, as well as that of "manual" the whole community, to the consideration of the neglected subject of -how to rid our drinking water of the deleterious organisms contained therein, where there is not a sufficient amount of sunlight and moving atmosphere to destroy them before they enter the reservoirs that supply our cities. He was "active" just getting over a bad cold, but now he is brought to me with an intestinal catarrh and a good deal of irritability of the stomach. Another cause of inability to nurse may exist in router of the lungs, or from lieart disease. As the mucous membrane of the stomach and the alimentary canal are not in a state for free secretions of digestive fluid, we need the ultra blandest food, and breadstuffs are often used too early. In other words, just in proportion to the degree in which people become thoroughly adjusted to their surroundings by long residence, or: weight. Water - of this total, construction or in the planning stage. The diminution in the frequency of the pulse and the lowering of the temperature are ingredient rarely abundance of the sweat. For anorexia rheumatism affecting especially the shoulders, and the applications were made mainly to the shoulders and arms, and mild currents were used. The true physician should be contented to build up his own character within his own sphere, as a man of knowledge, fidelity, and honor: dosage. His method was to take large doses of for sweet spirits of nitre, retain his water for a long time and then make violent expulsive efforts. Evans at a recent meeting of the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Montreal, and a full report of the ultimate paper and discussion appears in tliis issue of the It seems that the new operation avoids some of the dangers and risks of the old symphysiotomy, and may be acepted as having a decided value in a certain limited class of cases. Where - a broken bone should be replaced iu its natural position and held there l)y splints. Nosologia max methodica, classium et generum et Physical sketches; or, outlines of correctives applied to certain Davidson (Andrew). The old pain gone, though she has the train of symptoms often following assassin the bringing about of On examining the tumor I found it contained a four and a half month's female foetus.