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Oppenheim lays considerable stress in reference to the pathology of the

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ascribed it to the character of the food, others to nndne forcing of the pig in the

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auditory canal, which revealed the fact that there was an

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course of the processes by treatment, and it follows that where

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she had begotten an illegitimate child. If this con-

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book is the same as in the previous excellent editions.

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few of whom had it severely, but there were not many of them

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The Physician's Visiting List for 1867. Philadelphia : Lindsay & Blakiston.

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our mind the adoption of this method has altered entirely

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neck, and to the feet. It is difficult to imagine what would be the effect

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sion, in the front part of the superior maxillary bone, especially the alveolar

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Home; Trustee of the State Hospital for the Insane; and represented

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intestines, the reverse of this takes place, a gentle stroke occasioning a

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diet, consisting of concentrated vegetable foods, and to a less

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objections to the method, that the sudden entrance of a

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Mozart, Bach, Haydn, Handel seem to have given every

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and staining-properties different from those of the rest of the thread.

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1856.] Watson, The Medical Profession in Ancient Times. 419

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In rare instances simple atrophy may occur in the cellular elements

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During the attack, and in all its stages, we shall find the frequent

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dic closure of the larynx. This sensitiveness was not

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.li-.'.i-.' \'...iiKl li.iM' l>i'i'ii Ii.k! ii"I ill'' lliiiil It.i'in.iri'li.i.j ' l.'iiiiin.il.'il iii-

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from the exposition shows. It is quite safe to predict that some

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sternum. Increase in the cardiac dulness to the left also occurs not infa^'

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The massage movements are instituted as early as possible, often on the

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Why does this happen? Why does a request which is in-

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Rev. A. T. Porter, D. D., of Charleston, S. C, Chaplain. At this year's

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serious type of spirilla infection. It occurs in two varieties, a form simulating

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Bacillus bookeri, Ford; liquefies gelatin, casein, and blood

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taste, and an almost imperceptible, slightly aromatic

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To illustrate the subject, it is proposed to relate a few cases,

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Now, it took a certain amount of force to set his body in

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The remainder of my remarks will be devoted to a necessarily

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was noticed to have disappeared in 132, on an average of

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will slowly pass through the whole intestine and leave the body without

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only exceptionally. There have been solitary cases noted in whidi hys-

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Sanatorium ; been in almost constant work ; disease

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trodes are to be preferred. But the advantage is not one of

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contagious diseases, when the home people can do the nursing and the

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unaffected. In connection with the cases narrated by

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curs in that species of personal combat peculiar to