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[Comma nlcated for the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]

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and no less by the conditions requiring to be met. Young children bear

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This opinion was obviously derived from a mistaken theory of the

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over the affected muscles all the time. In this way children may bear

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as two fluids encountering each other in their movements. And it was

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45. GuLLAND. Lah. Rep. R. C. P. Edin. iii. 1891, p. 106.-46. Gulland. J. of

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of the growing edge of the tumour were cut with knives previously

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manner, in the growth of the brain. . Another in the formation of valves

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in consequence of which the hyaline cells are now capable of ingesting

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arations of that gland taken from the sheep. This dosage must be

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foreign body which has been swallowed and has penetrated to a branch

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power of giving the indol reaction, and other characters regarded as typi-

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remained well and several litters of ^''oung were born. They -were

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It is presumed that no surgeon deliberately goes through the thankless

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met with in pellagra, pernicious anaemia and ergotism — are caused by

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This was done on the 26th of June. The heat of tVie tumor soon di-

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possible by Liebermeister in the article on Plague in Ziemssen's Cydo-

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is that the heart aud lungs should become accustomed to sustained

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ure pigments. The latter may occasionally be contained in the substance

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1846. — The first Irish outbreak occurred in the first half of 1846; there

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a slight extent by dilating vessels in pai'ts adjacent by means of phar-

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convalescence had set in, but in some, probably in all, the fever was a

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quickly develop on the denuded surface. Formerly distinctions were

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septum joins to the vomer ; thence inclining to the right of the mesial

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cent, even when the cell-increase reached 50 per cent. It can scarcely be

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into the previously non-vascular tissue. It is to be noticed that the

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may produce, amongst other symptoms, fever, diarrhoea, and intestinal

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As a general rule, the defects of the rhinoplastic operation are shown

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widely different characters in this as in other respects. The jaundice

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treatment. In a case of complete paralysis of the arm, the red hot iron

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when properly prepared in the manner prescribed above, vaccine matter

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the tissues possess defensive or protective mechanisms, primitive and

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cases of laryngeal diphtheria: see the last chapter.

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of view in the matter of rigors, the diagnosis would have been unhesi-