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limbs, which torments me every hour, but especially at the time of awaking

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In relation to the subject of resuscitation from apparent death, there

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of other intercurrent fatal diseases. Occasionally, though, such

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discharge of a certain quantity of the morbific matter. I cannot con-

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A!! communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should

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Rubbing this composition on, and in the vicinity of

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sion of a pressure-free environment in concert with local

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The offspring of such a union is usually exceptionally

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the lung. Pain and pyrexia, or a recent history of them, will indi-

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(Berliner KUntsche Wochen$chrift, No. 1, 1873 ; Schmidt's JakrhUcher,

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We call the attention of the profession to our preparation of the above estimable Tonics, as

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exercised, commencing with extremes, which are often most instructive. The Esqui-

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The first is that the genc^ral evolution of the process seems for

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81' i cases per thousand of mean strength, or about 8 per cent.

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to some distant irritation (reflex hemiplegia) such as a colon

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Dr. Sansom is not yet convinced whether convallaria ma'ialis