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house, that all of these amendments are out of order. The Constitu-
month intervals as long as the danger of cholera is
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and dry apartments. On southern plantations, where the disease appears
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Otherwise, I have not been able to find any mention of the condition
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have known of cases where very tight ligatures have been
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butions he has made to the improvements of our art, but also from the faithfulness
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After the straining, put in half an handful of bay-salt. Let it be used
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useful as a prophylactic, and also to some extent as a means of aborting the
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ment of popliteal as well as femoral aneurisms, when applied at the groin, has
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treatment of young children under the age of three years, the sul-
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should the same spirit continue, the Erie men will be compelled to look
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sideration. It would, however, be unwise, and perhaps
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At this time no suspicion that nagana and the tsetse-fly disease were
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abortions in the extern department, and only forty in the intern,
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ful gratifications in later years. Balzac has sharply depicted a pro-
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referred to some distant point, and such referred pain is
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diurex max water pills directions
tion, I : 2,000. (7) The bichloride is sponged off with ster-
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on. Nevertheless the situation grew graver. In spite of
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health of all these patients has been greatly bene-
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and specific, and these cases causing much acute suffering, go
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• Elected community representatives would work with
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provement is visible ; but from the moment it begins it is con-
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cury), or salicyl-arsenite of mercury. Calomel ointment appears to be