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(Fig. 2); however, there are several reasons for some
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ones not found in the "Principles of Pathology" have been inserted. The
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seem all to be associated with the renal deficiency, and conse-
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ALBANY, N.Y., Albany County, needs an Employee Health Service
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present the only alternatives to benzodiazepines in
Second Annual Report of the State Charities Commission of Illinois.
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ular meeting, held Wednesday, May 29, the program was as follows : 1,
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65. Morris, R. C— Obstetrical Lectures, 1891, />. ISO.
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ety of the State of New York, elect two members from
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active origin. And that there is no evidence in any instance
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ergot is indicated after the completion of the third stage. Pilocarpin has
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corporation representatives to Washington, D.C., February
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with the development of cirrhosis in the second. Bacterial
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by an exact formula the ratios existing when thrombus forma-
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million gallons capacity to be: at Cincinnati, $49,830; at Den-
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The Washington County Medical Association met at Marietta,
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Hygiene." — Pike County, at Waverly, Dec. 2. The following officers were
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The bacteriological results of the work carried on at each
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M. D., Professor of Dermatology in the University of Illinois. Cloth,
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Albert H. Andrews, M. D. ; Gustavus P. Head, M. D. Cloth, 358 pages, 4
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sanctuary of his own thoughts, or whether he is eager to fore-
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The Surgical Clinics of John B. Murphy, M. D., at Mercy Hospital, Chi-
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reappearance of the spring epidemic indicated that at times the
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example, where “severe and long-lasting physical health
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N. Stone Scott, in closing the discussion, said that it was interesting
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bronchial tree leading to laxity and redundance of the
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Heatley and associates 2 conducted an eight-week ran-
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I think that Doctor Weber's life can be epitomized in the sen-
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tending to prevent recurrence of "spells" in the night, as well as to
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have proven their worth. They are receiving merited recognition as
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