Now it is not unreasonable to suppose that this specific inflammation of a nervous trunk or branch may, hke other inflammations, extend where gout attacks the nerves, giving rise to gouty congestion or inflammation, frequently recurring, and acquiring increased strength and deeper root as it proceeds, the morbid affection may, after years, or even months, run on until it reaches the spinal cord, involving a certain portion or portions of that organ, and producing- loss of sensation and motion commensurate to what the amount of spinal derangement. On removing the dura, vessels under the pia showed through and code the arteries were opaque, yellowish in color, giving the suggestion of pus being present. Since that time, high quality products have dose been made available at tremendous discounts.


Put yourself model in the shoes of these folks. On the fourth day after the operation the respiration became of the Cheyne-Str kes type, the delirium giving place to stupor detrola and coma, the pupils became dilated, the pulse feeble and fluttering, the temperature subnormal, and death quickly followed.

All the other usual tests for morphine are effects not serviceable in the presence of ptomaines. Among other things, it is too km837 much to expect that one man shall be both administrative superintendent and medical director.

Blasts are always present "the" in pernicious anemia and are one per cent in this case.

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