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ship of Mr. D. P. Lindsley, the author of the method. All the

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January, February, and March, 1895, in the Willard Parker Hospital, I

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fusion arose from the fact that the results obtained were commonly those

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marked in the ascitic fluid than in the blood (Esmein and Parvu^).

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Admitting his argument as a statement of fact, to me it is rather

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At the age of ten years, Alexander was sent to School at Plainfield,

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progressed well, and before the case is dismissed, it ma}' be left sev-

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or a 1-millimeter black dot on a white card is carried toward the

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it to keep its bearings correctly. It is the compass of the

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proved considerably on the facility with which the bacillus could

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act of the woman herself, or whether her body acted in any degree with-

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liness. She made a rapid and perfect recovery ; and, undeterred by the failure

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It again struggled to its feet, passed some rather high-coloured

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pronounced, if present, during the papular and vesicular periods. With

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is slowed by digitalis, we will find that there is an increase in

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Of more value are certain surgical symptoms. Thus swelling of

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filling the whole abdominal cavity and compressing the intestines

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shoulder. On recovery the shoulder movements return before

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ways one point to be borne in mind, viz., that a myoma

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years of practice I never used alcohol for any patient, and

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ordinary appearances of simple catarrhal inflammation are seen.

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caped thick, bloody, badly smelling pus and a quantity of

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He called attention (i) to the difficulty of remembering the gross anatomy of

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butter he eats in cix months is about as scientific as would be

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of the Pacific coast. And in Southern California at large only 3

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under the left pectoral muscles, accompanied with repeated

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sema and the accompanying bronchitis can be cured whenever

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Emeritus Professor of Genitourinary and Venereal Diseases in the Phila-

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manent, although in degree it may be modified ; and as a rule a considerable