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gum bougie, lubricated with a soothing ointment to allay the irrita-
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Instit. d. Schweiz, Basle and Leipzig, 1893; Arndt, " Ueb. d. Durchlassigheit d.
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again recovered. From the day^that the moral surroundings were altered, she
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is an absurdity that on the face of it calls for investi-
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ining it with Dr. Maguire. The weight of the heart was now fifteen
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Dr. Louis Weinstein, Chief of the Department of In-
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with much gratification, as it might be considered not only as an
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a licensed Retreat under the Inebriates Act (1888). At present a patient
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for a synopsis of his paper, and will simply give his conclusions. He
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Fig. 41. 33 days. Slight granulomatous reactions about both the implants
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In cases which end in recovery the coma may pass off in any time
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tibn ftiok pka^e before the break of day, lest tl^eople
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not doing well, apart from the behavior of the fluid ;
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again, at Venice the following year. It was a group
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vesico-vaginal fistulse are made, and, as Dr. Emmet expresses
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n twice the amount, produced an effect about equal to that of one
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the Ninth International Medical Congress, etc. Second revised edition.
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retary of the National Dental Association, requesting us to
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as the result of experience in tiie wars of the medieval period and par-
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lungs, between spleen and kidneys, and the inevita-
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ligaments are involved before the aid of radium is called in. The
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weakness was marked, an immediate differential diag-
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induced convulsions with strychnin in starved rabbits, presumably gly-
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About the first of October, 1859, she had a fall, producing consid-
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thus forming a kind of valvular closure of it, by which means
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by the carmine method, masses of stained glycogen can be found present
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beats. The increased tension noted is in marked con-
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our class on June 15th of this year and this is to advise you that I will be
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Surgeon Francis Greene, C.8.V., Is relieved from duty in the Depart-
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tagious disease. The school physician, the school nurse and the
depakote 250 mg tablet ecg