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sicians for a certain fee i>er cajtita ])er annum.

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and each has a dark point in its centre; the mucous membrane both

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state that their apparatus was sterilized in an autoclave. In no instance save

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discovery. We remarked, if we may be allowed to quote from

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Coote, Poland, Baum, and von Heinecke), including one (von Heinecke's) which

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their agency. It was therefore not remarkable that the medical

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but it seems reasonable that there is some regular method.

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branch of the fifth nerve is most liable to be affected. This neuralgia fol-

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morning in six cases in the second and third stages. The results have been

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population by removing the weak and the unfortunate.

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loauence! , igth.the mercury in the thermonoeter sunk,

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previously tormented him, ceased. At the root of the tooth there

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and the remaining three were treated with the chemical prepa-

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ceeded by the so called stationary period, during which the growth is

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vomiting. The bowels were not particularly affected. Trismus

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was dichotomically branched (Fig. 6). The cell at the same time

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and letting them fall; those on the affected side will droop as though

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evidence; numerous facts have been adduced which would certainly

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further incubation; if, however, the culture is centrifuged at the end

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prednisone 5mg dose pack side effects

ous small spherical eosinophilic granules. These cells develop at the

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the scientific value of the meeting, made the day most

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culosis in the third stage. Caries of the fifth rib and tuberculosis of the cervical

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more of them, including six (Mayo, Murphy, Russel, von Heinecke, Galloway,

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wind up his case. This is the fate of many a man who had too

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sipelas was now tully established ; the records of cases are certainly

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the Imperial Institute for the Study of Infectious Diseases and established the

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For the month the mean decree of heat was 68°. The greatest

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service witli any lodge, society, association or organiza-

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Prognosis. — Tlio prognosis is favorable, except in those cases where there

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of consequence in the treatment of leprosy, for the local lesions chiefly

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1 Two cases of acute rheumatism were recently (July .31st, 1882> reported by Mayer in " Henoch's Klinik."

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Cuba. He returned perfectly cured, notwithstanding the exposnrer

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