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Irving Institute, Tarrytown, New York, and Harvard University,

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Case 2 was a sister of Miss A., who was perfectly able to

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fail to see, or ignore, other features of greater weight.

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" These many examples serve to illustrate why drugs so often

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literature of January, February, and March ; after which it will

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He is a fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine, and a mem-

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army crossed iii 1776. From the maternal side the subject

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French Pharmacopoeia — 0*50 in one dose, and 2-50 grammes

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I have placed one of the slides mounted by him under the micro-

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perate in the use of alcohol, much benefit will often be accomplished by a

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although he belonged to the class in chemistry, was unanimously

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the same year she was appointed Principal of the Sraeth-

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writings and teachings have in great measure helped to mould

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Oakley's office young McLean showed (lualities which

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both general and local, in wrapping the wound in cotton-

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Amylacious substances are unsuitable for children under a

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Elements of Modern Medicine. By R. French Stone, M.D. New York : D.

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of useless medicaments and measures has been still further

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State Medical Association, 1898; New York State Medical Society,

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action. In this condition, the evidence of a mental blank is more

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rounded, circular (in point-blank fire), with an apparent

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should be, in materia medica and therapeutics. These are, in

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Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society, of the subject of securing

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the resistance of the tissues is proportional to the square of the

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1852. He pursued his professional studies at the College of Physi-

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Congress, held in Philadelphia in 1876. In 1873 he became Professor

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we are credibly informed, to our very great pleasure, that the

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College in 1860, receiving the degree of B.A. and M.A. from that

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tient's organism, the drug effects often predominate over the

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change in the practice of medicine did come, we will not trouble

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The Thirteenth Annual Announcement and Catalogue shows