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patients may rationally prefer a quicker death to prolonged discomfort.
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from the nose, hsemoglobinuria, amblyopia, tinnitus aurium, partial
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is suggested, whence the term leontiasis, of which appearance there are
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valve is frequent, and is the usual result of mitral disease and sometimes
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of arteries, the admission of the bacilli into the veins being the more
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felt, but the sound of friction is to be heard either with the systole or with
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countered. Primary cancer presumably arises from the liver-cells and
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remedy is morphine given hypodermically, one-fourth to one-half grain ;
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with it should be associated atropine (one-hundred-and-fiftieth to one-
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crime ; and, further, it should be made probable that the impulse was
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Abnormal Wakefulness. In some cases of insomnia the subject is
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Art. II. — Hip Joint Ampntation — Recovery. By A. M. Faunt-
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peculiar gastritis caused by alcohol is accompanied by so much relax-
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Thrombosis of a brain-sinus may be due to 1st. Phlebitis, caused by
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gesia existing by itself is almost always of hysterical origin. This is also
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widened recesses above the valves of veins, especially of the legs and
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or through a fistulous communication between the alimentary and respi-
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years of age, is most frequent between fifty and sixty, and is more
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upon a primary bronchus is also productive of cough and dyspnoea asso-
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presence of tubercles in the pleura, and is accompanied by the sound of
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of cheesy masses from the apices of the Malpighian pyramids upward
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elements, but showing little or no tendency to the formation of fibres.
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80 much labor and expense, that it seems impossible they can be gen
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less common than hallucinations of hearing ; they are always evil, demons
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decolorizes other bacteria than the diphtheria bacillus and deeply stains
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vnth ignorance. Bold thinkers are largely required in our profession,
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and upon the existence of other disturbing agencies. There are certain
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effects have become manifest, at the same time using large injections as
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Epidemics occur particularly among collections of individuals living in
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high position entitle their productions to entire respect and confidence.
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color, with or without opaque yellow spots seated in the papillary muscles
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the proteus vulgaris, and various saprophytic bacteria. The assertion
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orrhages and enlargement of the spleen are to be expected.
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PROGNOSIS. The prognosis of acute pericarditis is usually favor-
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appearances might be the result of various pathological processes, and
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Enormous faecal accumulations may exist and^very few symptoms arise, or
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from the mucous membranes and serous exudations into the subdermal
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striation ; finally they completely disappear. The intra-muscular vessels
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and the children, are stated to harbor the parasite. It is supposed to
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affection. It occurs usually in adults, often in the vigorous and healthy,
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the operation. The calculous nature of a pyelitis or a nephritis is to
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worked men and to the indolent, over- luxurious women who make up
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