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but is it not plain, that this very addition to the tliickness of the arterial
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A fine boy, thirteen years of age, was attacked in the county of
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course and terminate in the space of a few hours. This observation,
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have made bold to recommend it here for the trial of others ; hop-
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I . Perjtcaria macuhfa Attglicd , in Englijh, Spotted
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yellow Flowers on them , which turn into fmall leajie
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its cause, mammary inflammation. By the use of means directed to
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the morbid condition ? Or, acting chemically, did it so astringe
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At these hospitals one cannot expect to get through without losing
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produce their lesions through being inhaled. Mustard gas may affect
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she was, and leaving me to decide whether anything more should be
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systems, which names he will of course find no difficulty in retaining
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the intestinal canal, with a copious and hurried secretion of mucus from
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" This occurring in the heart seems to impair its functions to a
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from forty-eight to seventy-two hours, when, if not cut short by the
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which will command the respect and confidence of the entire profes-
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Keep, J. Lester, M.D., Vanderbilt Avenue, near Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.
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able investment, and appeals to homoeopathic physicians and their
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self almost well ; another similar prescription enabled her to say
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Andrew Duncan says, in the Supplement to the Dispensatory : " Not-
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different. In the place of the congestion and hyperasraia of typhus,
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from this college, they have the right to establish themselves as phy-
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The opposite polarities of the magnet are sexes ; so are the positive
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the dependence placed upon natural laws, and for many new medi-
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which I felt as I stood in the presence of this noble pioneer and vet-
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which will be a great acquisition to our literature on this subject.
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of the first stage of fever, how few will omit bleeding, leeching, cupping,
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and under the scapula. C helidonium'^ ^, dosQ night and morning.
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Westwards and southwards from Warsaw, it spread rather slowly to-
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mucous membrane to treat, at a period when neither the condition nor
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back, restless and without sleep, every muscular fibre in his face and
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addition to its numbers at this session, in the presence of so many
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cal purposes, or has liis time been merely spent in a pleasing but useless
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school is greatly indebted to him for the brilliant success of homoeopathy in
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in St. George's district, " the number of deaths (188) exceeds that of
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iier^ tlie perfect freedom from all cerebral and paralytic symptoms, after
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Gltceride of Tannin. — Glyceride of tannin is a very valuable
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the distance daily as the troops become hardened, until a full day's march under full
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