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thiB emh bears a dose resemblance to the preceding; and all that has

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the liver was a beautiful discovery of Dr. N. Scott, of Bombay. That

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8Ucet*ssive introduelion of the milk in small portions^ with stimulus

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bronght into apposition with them ; if the muscular coat of the rectum,

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volatile oil, upon which these properties depend, is much more abundant

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of the children born in London die before two years of age,

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on cooling the decoction becomes turbid, and deposits a precipitate. The

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fellow, with his body as red as the back of a boiled lobster,

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Perhaps, as specialists, no class in our profession has The gynae-

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effects of nux vomica is muscular contraction. It seemed a very fair

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to the unprepared cerebral vessels may occasion a rupture of

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retina, depriving it for a time of blood, and, of course, of sensibility;

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to brush away what is disagreeable, to clean and to purify.

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sach as leeches followed by emollient cataplasms to the epigastrium,

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Should symptoms of iuflaE^mation or corrosion remain after the evacu-

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long attachment to one college is apt to breed self-

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motion, is nevertheless far from being a state of relaxation or

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producing very serious effects on the nervous system. The cases of two

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impression on the stomach, which is followed after a short time by an

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measure of experience, and if of a practical turn of

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however, it will not yield to ether The liquids impregnated with it

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became his chef de cliniquey and during- this period

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ance with the generation in which it was announced.

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also, or by o]>cratinjr through the phtirynx. (See pa^e 519,) The loss of

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alkali, a portion at least of the chalybeate is thrown down; and this pr

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relieves the pain by blunting the sensibility of the part through ex-

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As an anlhelmintic it has enjoyed some credit, being used by the

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plojed by the ancients. Much more efficacy has been ascribed to it by

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When the stomach has nearly emptied itself, when the chyle

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positive staphylococci from the deep tissues. If it can be achieved

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laboratory, for renovation, rehabilitation, rejuvena-

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tiontT slujuld he aware of this fad, and guard against the use of lauda-