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which he is called upon to do. And if some of my young
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the presence or absence of a reflex, because of the tendency of infants to
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associated a general inflammatory and irritated condition of
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might be generated. The colon is of very great service to us in
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anthrax bacilli. Behring concluded that there was a
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whOe the patient is quietly lying or sitting down, but results from
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case had been described by Dr. Cusack, of extensive cancerous dis-
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Slace. Diarrhea, as was to be expected, increased in June over
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inside, with many small glands that secrete a watery substance
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less marked and higher situated, while in that of the large gut tympanites is
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Michigan established a dental department, and a little
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intact nerve .supply that Dr. Cooper advocates the use of any form of faradic
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marki'd <-:isc, the symptoms denoting spinal as well as cerebral meningitis,
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years and the legitimate reward of previous years of work. The
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sheet, and covered by a cradle. There now remains little to do, but
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notification, the Regional Director or authorized officer
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progressive, with no especial relation to the size of the abscess,
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vanced stage. There can be no question, however, about its
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vapor is allowed to fall in till there is a slight layer over the
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eration of the preventive measures of the board of health
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take refuge. Another garden party was also spoiled, but
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E. Landolt (Berlin, Prussia), Paris, France. Dental
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which I have just cited the clothing worn by well per-