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dered by it; even the philosopher Descartes was one
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the looped tubules contain fibrinous cylinders without pus-cells.
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will not be a difficult task to represent to the minds
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the diagnosis clear but if these be negative it may be difficult to recognize the
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class. None which do not do so can be consistently included
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orrhage, and to repeat this dose at hourly intervals, or oftener in severe
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the crossed extension reflex and the flexion reflex. If we elicit the knee-
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perature can be produced by the elimination of these pyrogenic
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aching pain across the loins, or an acute pain on bending or on rising from the
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of the cell, and the immunity it produces is therefore only
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dents, Drs. John F. Lewis and C. L. Jones; ' practice, Professor Buchner, in one of the
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General. — Vessel is fitted with steam windlass and
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but is of short duration and very fatal. The only safety lies in
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removed two months after the removal of the arm centers. Although
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"A girl aged four years had been vaccinated in vain
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Turkish bath, with proper care protracting the perspira-
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such a patient. The liook is temperate in its advocacy
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bility of inducing labor. While apparently imminent they
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1. In obstructive icterus due to stones, etc., the cholesterol content
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by fractional precipitation of the globulin fraction with ammonium
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Montreal Neurological Institute during 195 1. At the
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Dr. Christopher Graham, the only surviving partner of
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judge from the clinical reports, the treatment requires to be kept up for
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throughout the late Franco-German war, what was the most important
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If impure ferments are used, iso-alcohols are gener-
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period, but much the greater number had been in perfect
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Royalston, Worcester (1765), 1192 — Adams, H. O. (South).
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paper on this subject before the Tri-States Medical Society, at
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Miss R. — Oh, I just adore Trinity men. Won't }'0u tell me more about yourself, Burney?
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which, as its name imports, is a very considerable, and in
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cony when the weather permitted. For more than two months he lay
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but this soon passes off. Ichthyol is applied as a 30 per cent solution in
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measured in all cases where circumstances permitted
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10. Ciricillo SF, Rosenblum ML: Use of CT and MR imaging to distinguish intra-
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already received several doses of salvarsanized serum, and in this way
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tions of dairy products and to prevent the adultera-
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matter how slight the degnM^ of infection in the kidney
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BMol9ed^ That a copy of the above Preamble and Reeolotion be sent to
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his jurisdiction stops here and the supplementing and comple-
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ing of cases ensures very little effect locally, and it is necessary to