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yet appreciate their slow but sure gain. Patients in
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more extended attention being devoted to the individual
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countries or having contagious or infectious disease on
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" From the day she set her foot on Continental soil till the
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of the same side. The red and hot ear presents the same phenomena
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brought to me at Guy's Hospital on May 30, 1867. Each child
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on the decomposition of urine which he had made. It
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The opinion of the other auditors, referred to in the preceding
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Jeanselme, Bourrett, and one of us have studied the cerebro-
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without the aid of the test-tube. A new classification of
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There is dullness in the dependent parts, whatever may be the decubi-
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gastritis, and enteritis. For these diseases, still more than for the specific
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at the present moment, some remarks may be expected in relation to the
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both as to diagnosis and treatment, which can be presented. As
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which persists in spite of everything, and he dies, emaciated to the utmost
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The presence of the material, loaded as it is with tubercle bacilli, in the
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Glasgow Daily Herald. " Doctor " indicates the male
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previously paralyzed but now responding muscles. The
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ache promptly vanished. This case seemed to me very impor-
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von Gurlt, also contains not a few bad features, and among
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been cancelled. Eeference at once shows that no pains have been
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perineal rent, the anterior part of it at any rate, as fast as pumped
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that the changes seen in most cases of typhoid fever,
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Bacot: "The Use of Insecticides against Lice." British Medical Journal, Sep-
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And it was one of the admirable features of the original plan of the
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covered by a mucous membrane which is also very dilatable and
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sions until after delivery. P"'orcible dilatation of the cervix
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you must discard the operation as you usually see it performed, and remove the
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guinea-pig in thirty minutes after intravenous injection.
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glycoprotein. We have chosen to study these chemicals I
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natural than that even solid growths should be imagined to have a parasitic
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meters of such urine a temporary turbidity develops, which disap-
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In my experience this method of treating sporadic cholera has proved uni-
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canal. The i^rincipal symptoms are : emaciation, notwithstanding an
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the stabile application, well-formed, wave-like contractions are seen to
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