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that fat. An intensive blue tone, however, proves the presence of free oleic

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state of great agitation, tossing his body and limbs, distorting

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resembling mumps reported in the course of lethargic encephalitis by Lesne"

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Histological examination proved that it was of inflammatory nature. In

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discharges from the stomach both of mucus and bile, were co-

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from April, nothing whatever passed her bowels till September,

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effect. No parasites were found in his blood, but the examination was not

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same size, we now look upon it as an aggregation of particles, the surfaces

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in Portland, Maine, from Dec. 1828 to Dec. 1824. By Fred.

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bodies in the spleen were conspicuously enlarged and, micro-

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an important one, for it has connexion with practice. It is

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degeneration of the neurones, with relatively little morbid change in the

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and a milky fluid obtained. Recently he has been obliged to sit up to sleep.

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Ebamer, B., and Tisdall, F. F. The direct quantitative determination

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proper character for dispersion, and in the former the colour denotes the

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The perusal of a large number of communications upon the

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Their reasons for this conclusion were (a) its independence of blood-pressure,

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physis of one of my dogs fifteen months after the removal of both

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the same as that found in acquired cerebrospinal syphilis.

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tilages, together with remnants of the unexpanded non-pigmented

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We are here dealing with a gastric ulcer situated at the lesser curvature

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53 typhoid, 4 paratyphoid A, 7 paratyphoid B, and 2 paratyphoid C. There

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Dr. S. Solis Cohen: In what proportion of the cases may such skin

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About the same quantity of water was found on this side the

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group. (3) A group intermediate between the two former including what

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in such cases is the onset of traumatic arthritis. When there is inward

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speculation followed and produced nothing more satisfying than the sug-

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