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Specifics. — Medicines which cure disease, but the

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done to the spinal cord and medulla, e.g., vomiting,

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of evulsion of the nail may be dispensed with. — Ed.J

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eased nature of the mucosa and hones may fre(pient!y be seen, and

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send plenipotentiaries to the International Conference at Geneva, with an

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the death-rate among the Indians on the reservation,

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with a soldier, the stroke was fatal to life or limb ; but the number

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observed ; at the base and edges were limited areas of

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ed during sleep. A little fire, or a lamp, or jet of gas burning in the fire-place,

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artis the er.iry of the 'vagina, aiv.ays observifig, for the more

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three cavities — the cavity of the head, the cavity of the chest,

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ture should be made where the skin is not adherent to

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theria from person to person is well known, and the virus adheres tena-

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thymus was reduced to a very small size by being pressed

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the first to describe, Vitiligoidea appears to have

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hundred cases that have consulted me in private prac-

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world ; and it is within the legitimate province of the physi-

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is a difference in this respect between Florida and some dryer

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paratus in full efficiency, and the medical staff complete.

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sight is an important and common symptom of intracranial tumour. This

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pletely checked the growth of the serosaprophytic bacteria. He also

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is evidence on all sides of life and activity in therapeutics, and

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of a second cut being made in withdrawing the bistoury. The

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much involved that there appeared to be some obstruction due

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appearances, in some instances at least, indicate that the

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tjear heavily upon tbem, are sony*'""™ "fl«^«il with nnmh.

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In schools it is customarvi to allow 200 cubic feet of air per hour for

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of the cerebellum are not uncommon in cases of cerebral syphilis. That

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normal pituitary, so why not get a pituitary that had a

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the extraction, which I accomi^lished by accompanying her

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January 9th, when the first case appeared, to April

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members of the staff throughout the year. The lectures for the

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ure, so that the cavity might be cleansed with antiseptic solutions.

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be sought along those lines laid down through toil, criti-

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endowments ranging from five to thirty millions of dollars. But

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iables— recent congestive heart failure, a history of hyper-

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blackberries, and gooseberries, and one-half acre to straw-

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tions, physicians have gone on in the old way receiving into their offices

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and choked disk in the left. This was a case of mental aliena-

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