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the participation of the leucocytes and other cells
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chronic "kidney and heart disease. He was sixty-nine years old
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drawn off, afforded evidence of the existence of in-
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foreign blood cell. By direct affinity a molecule of
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acquaintance than he did ; and his loss, even at the
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The distal fragment of the e.xten.sor longus pollicis tendon
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ing a period of ten years and for a year more or less drib-
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mechanical treatment, that is, surgery, yet the first
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Paget's Disease. («) Dr. Bcnner (for Dr. IMixter) : Nitric Acid in
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prove of service to the sufferer, so far as printed
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icalling the past and dwell with great delight on the
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possessing all the virtues to adorn and render happy
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Case II. Hemorrhage and dilatation. Gastro-enteros-
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< Buxton. Journ. of Med. Research, 1902, vol. *iii, p. 201.
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lateral curvatun; ob.served by tlu; writfT, sufrh a
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he was in a position to corroborate all that had been
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Dr. Samuel Amberg, in the Proceedings of the Afiier-
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The Significance of the Temperature in the Diagnosis of
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which are found of considerable service in helping to
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of his death or resignation, the Treasurer shall be
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nucleus of dead leucocytes is colored bypieutral red,
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is to run a clinic, to treat a few cases, to .serve in
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request that he would allow it to be printed in the
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tion of a new engine, to raise the charge slightly, on
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prove satisfactory, in the third case a gastro-enter-
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under consideration. If this be granted, the recog-
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learn we are too old to remain on a hospital statf .
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to Out-patients, Boston Lying-in Hospital; First Assistant Visiting
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rings in order to open the space to its full extent.
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returning is collected in a separate vessel and care-
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continued for several hours, the patient's thoughts
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attacks are sharp pain across abdomen, later becoming
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to checkmate my enemies in a legal manner. Let me ex-
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was fed by rectal enemata, which were well retained ;
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plished by the climatic and liygienic treatment of these
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turns its head 1S()° so that its ventral surface is
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Further, during the expiration of cough the glottis
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tion of the Kidneys, Dr. J. B. Blake; The Blood in the Typhoid
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Careful palpation will generally reveal their pres-
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and equally scientific, if approached in the proper
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Wednesday, March 25, at the age of seventy-four years. He .
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eral hours. At 8.4.5 A.M. he complained of abdominal