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and ether. In water at 74° C. the powder (Oianges into an
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'Bead before the East Surrey District of the South Eastern Branch of the
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Medical Society of London, 8.30 p.m.— Dr. G. H. Savage : Symptoms of
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shall be greatly obliged : I have under my care a female infant, now six
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better when taking the pancreas or when having tire injections.
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unmarried. Salary, £h"o per annum, with board and residence.
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" Supplement to the'Eighteenth Annual Report o£ the Local Goverument
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given a general bath. Chloroform having been administered,
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"Veddel,"up to October 8th, 2J per cent, of every 100 in-
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Surgeon-Colonel C. sibthorpe, Madras Establishment, is permitted to
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for washing provide 1. .Vpplications to the Secretary, at the office, 24,
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British Medical Association has done so little, and suggests that as no
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The following have passed in Botany and Natural History:
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Applications to John Phillips, Secretary, 14 and 15, I'ortugal Street,
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or personal history sufiioient to prevent their being taken at
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and give the relative percentages of patients in each category,
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opinion of the Committee which you represent, require the
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London, on Wednesday, the 19th day of April next, at
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they are, however, little swollen after treatment by sodium
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these ulcers existed without symptoms until that in the duodepum per-
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dipped down beneath the manubrium sterni. There were no
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rate its importance. While admitting the possibility of
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A. L. B.— A return of the kind suggested is not obtainable, but it is cer-
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To Vesalius is due the exact tendency which starts from
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March 3rd ; George T. Bishop, Surgeon, to the /ro?i Dtike, March 3rd ;
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wife, making 28 persons in all. Of these 28, 23 were protected,
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the last ten years the mortality has been persistently low,