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He has moreover generalised his assertion by contending that the left ovary of women as well as drip the left testicle of men is more subject to diseases of all kinds Exempli- The adipose tumour is also frequently of a very large pose'liT-'magnitude.

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SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT generic OF UNDESCENDED TESTICLE. The diagnosis amiodarone of cancer was made, and gastro-enterostomy recommended to relieve the vomiting and possibly also the pani. From the foregoing results it seems fair to conclude that intralumbar treatment with neosalvarsan in small cjuantities is without effect, and that when pushed with the object of obtaining results, it is extremely apt to prove injurious (dose).

With a keen sense of business possibilities, they were careful to suppress all reference to the true botanical name of the drug, and, so far as possible, allowed only such preparations of it to come into the market as would action give no clew to its source. It has often happened that two parties in a college are to formed. Long, United States Public Health Service, has been appointed to of the position of director of health recently created by the new Philippine health laws.