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nary irritation. But times have changed, and there remains no

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dence, holding side by side negative as well as positive results.

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by ether was suggested to me seven or eight years ago by a thought that the great

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exterior is destroyed. He proposes, therefore, that porous porce-

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methods employed. Too large doses, for instance, yield only

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pupils, great acceleration, and at the same time smallness

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at present the best treatment is considered to be sodium salicy-

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Mayor's iron wire gutter apparatus is heavy and cumber-

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geon of the 94th New York Volunteers in 1862 ; assistant surgeon,

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to take special instruction in surgery and surgical path-

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and Surgeons of New York, 1889), was born in the City of

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other derangement, or to aggravate the existing one, and I will

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people often eat meat but once a week, and yet keep the superb

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Even complete and long-continued amenorrhcea is often seen in chlorosis. All

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high school he saw to it that she was allowed to pass on

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meets yearly there in commemoration of the Bicknell

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surface of the foot, to the anterior surface of the leg, to the

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nurse; a similar chair to the right of the nurse's, and facing its

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in 1847, and of Jefferson Medical College in 1850, and engaged in the

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medical thought. The effect of amylic alcohol is that of a poi-

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immediate relief to pain, often averts threatened inflammation,

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prising that the blood shares in the universal misfortune. This is why most

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later such severe muscular pains as force them to give up this

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He also matriculated in the University of Vienna in

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he is the author are: ''Eczema and Its Management" (1881) ; "Man-

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In larger traumatisms, produced by deflected bullets,

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hours, beginning with the belladonna. I had under considera-

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Hoboken Academy, Hoboken, New Jersey, later studying at the Col-

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Dr. Brown married Charlotte Cowdrey, of New York City. Their

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Children. In this last appointment, Dr. Mergler received

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Dr. Potter married, March 23, 1859, Emily A. Bostwick, of Lan-

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use of a curette mounted on a handle. This curette is

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conservative thinkers, in a somewhat partisan spirit. As a re-

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them out. In regard to the latter, if the principles are once

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those cases in which want of nutrition and emaciation are essen-

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It shall be the duty of this commission to carefully examine the legislation

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Appleton, and declared by a well-known English medical authority