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* Reviewed in Duljlin Quarterly Journal of Medicine, vol. xxvi., p. 101.
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circulation; while lethal quantities of ammonium valerate
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is then thrust with the left hand into the animal's mouth.
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Sh. & Sw., dr. 2-4 (gm. 8.-15.). D., gr. 10-60 (gm. .6-4.).
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collapse and death. The white of egg is an antidote to
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BiSMUTHi SuBGALLAS. Bismutli Subgallate. (U. S. P.)
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for ruminants and are often preferable to a poor quality of
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Thiol is a substitute for icthyol, lacking the unpleasant
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double consciousness, and great prolongation of time, so
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when locally applied, and does sometimes produce poisoning
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The reason why bones fractured in gun-shot wounds do not, as in
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Synonym. — Magnesia levis, light magnesia, B.P.; calcined
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