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nosing a septicaemia, from the appearance in an endocarditis of signs
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morning while bathing the baby, and at night when undressing it;
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great vascular trunks, is compensated for by dilatation of the vessels
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of the left ventricle the heaving pulsation is most distinct at the apex,
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jections of cold water, with a little vinegar, are very efficacious ; but
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Circular No. 3, War Department, Surgeon-General's Office, Washing-
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vein by applying leeches at the anus. Narcotics, which are almost in-
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suppose the air of the place to which he is sent has any special cura-
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the worms continue their snaky movements. If they crawl over the
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Meier (3) thinks it is very important to observe closely the experiment in the
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apex. Under normal conditions the apex almost always beats at the
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when it was narrowed down to a rare and exceptional mode
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the alveoli smaller. These, and many other proposed modes of medica-
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sician ascribe the catarrh and intense fever to infection, or to acute
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stitution of the air remaining the same, its power of producing
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less severe forms, or when seen long after the attack, the diagnosis is ex-
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cause but slight subjective symptoms. In the morning the epithelium,
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organ frequently does not reach below the margin of the ribs even
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space between the teeth, and the mouth is then readily opened
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Anatomical Appearances. — While, in normal blood, there are
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in the present instance ; and " the history of the case shows
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pine Commission, December 1, 1905. It began operations July 1, 1907,
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at twenty-five hundred feet elevation, five flasks showed simi-
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John Ashukst, Jr., M. D,, Surgeon to the Episcopal Hos-
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relative insufficienoe, if it ever occurs, is rare. When the ostium
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least, bound to respect. The Komans carried this view to so
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morning, while promenading ; or, in acute catarrh, let them be taken in
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lectures they had heard. It is our belief that the text-books of pharma-
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Baumgabten, P. Der Actinomyces. In his; Lehrbuch der pathologischen Myko-
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even the pressure of the abdominal muscles causes pain, so that the
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