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in a small lobe of the right lung. This focus was only 2 mm. in diameter. No
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after evidence of a medical practitioner, and on inspec-
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by the parents and went no further than the skull, showed the parts to
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Thierfelder & J. v. Mering) in its action upon frogs, rabbits,
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healthy tissue. More specifically, this safety mechanism consists
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day in ihiijy, hi the ibrty -first year of the Inde-
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phosis. In the second case it seems equally unlikely that the tissue-metamorphosis
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very pale and exhausted with a feeble pulse of 150. Abdomen
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ramify in its walls. They have been cut open ipv a certain part of
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For some time past the need of a treatise on obstetrics, embodying the
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adhered to uniformly in all tubes throughout titrations and tests;
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2287. Surgeons from civil life who tender their services
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proceed by the use of one of the above described methods to observe the
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jaundice. The whole of the eyes are said to assume a clear,
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the capillary circulation by Malpighi, the great advances
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•506 b.i. London. Royal institution of Great Britain. Proc,
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ing suitability of course work or MCAT scores taken
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each other in such quick succession as to become almost incessant.
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was 65.7 ^ . In 1892 the highest temperature was 109 ^ ,
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* Gastroenterology. Orthopaedics and Urology are once-a -month issues. All other specialties are twice-
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munity project for 1982. The Mountain Lakes High School
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Perineum. By Henry O. Marcy, A.M., M.D., LL.D., Boston.
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doses there is no antiseptic agent which is more in-
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calm, unerring judgment was manifest, the same consideration for his
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duced by the habitual flexion of the fingers upon the
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penalties should be limited in the Act. It will not be very satisfac-
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most directly associated Avith epinephrine is the production of glucose
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inspector to make them. They should be made in every suspicious
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Dr. P. Niehans of Berne {Centralhlatt f. Chirurgie^ No. 29,
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Do not handle these tissues roughly and, above all, do not cleanse the
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in an invalid at Netley who had been long suffering from the
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with satellite lesions, left hilar adenopathy, and a small
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group, including 70 of the 161 cases with pain. In certain of these the pain
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