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and other traumatic inflammations it is simply superb. The itching and

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of the bile ducts and consequent obstruction (Kehrer and Cohnheim).

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American College of Surgeons. In 1929 the director of the

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the right conclusion in any given case requires some knowl-

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boid movement; though it must not be forgotten that this move-

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strangers : the season is slipping by without being noticed."

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there had been no change in the condition of the chest since his apparent

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chloroform, forming a golden-yellow solution. It is also readily

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and patient showing signs of exhaustion, I applied the forceps and

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cause much distress to intelligent minds. Such efforts

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in inoperable cases, and the treatment could easily be

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though there were a purposive combination among them. Thus,

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organized for October 18. ASIM Board will meet both

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liable to enteric fever. The so-called typhoid fever of pigs is now known to

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Brown, I think it would be our duty to condone this offence,

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ligent discrimination on the part of school boards would do

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Subsequent menstruation occurred normally in 51 per cent., freely in 37.7

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pulsations were reestablished. These contractures had appar-

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the disease are due to the autolysis of streptococci and the absorp-

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hibernating insects, though the former only stupefies the mosqui-

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as the one we have just been considering; for if it be a fact that

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lewsky. It may be of interest to note that Durham, 2 in his report of the yellow

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contested games. Frequent parties have been formed for concerts,

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in four of the new cases reported with this paper. Insofar as

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:„.„^|i tl„- .,.-... ,.(ll..|i 1^ .i >l"-i- ,.,„■. \hr, .,,.■ ..I-.. >'l.- ..t;

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most of these cases was very bad. The only way in wliich shorten-

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role de I'eau potable dans I'etiolugie de la fievre t.yphoIde.

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Advanced cases of ankylostomiasis may also be confused with

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took place without this exciting cause, and the patient became a confirmed

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Symptoms. — The disease usually begins acutely, with slight fever,

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But she knows one thing: it won’t be her problem. She

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or 5. No absolutely normal cells were found. In the cortex

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axilla, and in a few instances in the rectum, too; the ther-

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the apex, in chronic pleurisy at the base, and in emphysema. They vary

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