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goes further enlargement in the same manner as in the hypertrophy of

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the ensiform cartilage. Depressions between the widely-separated ribs

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pneumonia. The typhoid bacillus of Eberth has also been known to

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careful exaimnation it is sure that 25 children out of 150 have


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the breathing may be labored and stertorous, the pupils are contracted

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General Medieine ; Vol. II., General Surgery. Prices per volume:

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digitalis in the form of the infusion, or Niemeyer's pill. Klemperer

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Syttlptoms. — Obesity is not accompanied by any bodily symptoms

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flocculent. Mucus may also be distinguished from pus by its failure to

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the end of four days if well borne by the stomach.^

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recommended internally, but without any definite result.

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question some of the wonderful advances that we are told are being

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smooth and tender to pressure " (Robson). It should be borne in mind

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in recovery, though rarely. Death usually results from pyemia, amy-

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for breath the patient succumbs. Death may also occur suddenly from

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care must be taken to provide against the development of malignant

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William sport, Pa., Dr. John H. Yeager, of Philadelphia, being the guest

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tolic murmur over the tricuspid orifice in a small proportion of the cases ;

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and that every now and then you come to an open space, and

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the perimysium internum. The muscle-fibers may either be normal,

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urine), are to be carefully noted, and the proportion of carbohydrates

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preceding cases. It is often an occlusion or an imperforate condition

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phragm, ribs, and heart are obliterated on the side of the effusion. The

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cells are more deeply bile-stained. Jlicroseopiealli/, the first discover-

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ever, lead to its development. In size cardiac aneurysms are exceed-

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or brownish-yellow area will be noted, consisting of disintegrated blood-

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mav be of bacterial origin : this contains substances not found in air,

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Hygiene for Mother and Child. F. H. MacCarthy. Harper Brothers.

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possibly some muscular wasting. The most characteristic features of a

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frequent cause of tic douloureux are the nose and the cavities enter-

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motile. It can be readily grown, and as readily inoculated into horses,

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