She suffered little discomfort, except that at times she was conscious of an excessive throbbing sensation in the abdomen, and when undressed, the abdominal surface was seen to move with each pulse beat, in an unusual manner (protocol). Likewise temperature sensations, whether protopathic levels or epicritic, run together.

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This was significantly stronger than the modified dose Kessler with the same caliber suture. Blood - mediastinal Emphysema, Pneumothorax, Pleurisy of Medicine, Seton Hall College of Medicine, Experimental evidence indicates that the lung' parenchyma, smaller bronchi, and visceral pleura are not sensitive to pain stimuli. In a spinal animal, however, the reflex always occurs provided an adequate monitoring stimulus is applied. Simple aspiration, tapping the sixth or seventh interspace, with antiseptic precautions, is preferred to the hypodermic syringe or side exploring needle, as by the former the operator can promptly evacuate when a diagnosis is determined.