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The registered death-rafe from gout in England is about 25 per

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of the First Progress Report of the Thompson-McFadden Pellagra Commission,

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In the treatment of poisoning, it is necessary to wash out the

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number of white corpuscles was increased, in 2 the red corpuscles

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Observation of the temporal arteries gives important evidence. In

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death, caused by sclerosis of the coronary arteries or atheroma at or

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under the care of Oliver, as much as 5.22 per cent., or five times as

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Calomel is always a good purgative in heart disease. It has also a

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and taken in glycerin or some other vehicle which will cover the

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were deeply anesthetized, to be then operated on ; and, second, the

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cent, in two hours. The blood urea nitrogen on December 13 was 12.12 mg.

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columnar type (Greenfield 148 ). There is active secretion of colloid