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Whooping-Cough in a Man of Sixty-six treated with Drosera Rotundifolia.
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various departments, the newest works in English, French, and German
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patients (one a soft rubber, the other a metallic one),
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nomical reduction of its capacity. Hence the develop-
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of the fontanelle movements — the arterial — and it is really a plethysmo-
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around it ; dry, withered hair, sometimes erect on chine or back ;
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are almost certainly derived from connective-tissue cells (including endothe-
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verted, and they are acutely sensitive to odors. Remarkable j^erver-
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tive) appeared only in those cases tested during the last days of
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eldest and last surviving son of *J. B. Jardine, M.D., at Chatham,
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Hughes: So it's across the board with fresh tissue in
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of pyloro-duodenal or saddle ulcers, and eight definitely duodenal ;
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pox, but cow-syphilis. Further, vaccine lymph has at one time or
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significantly change the usual method of filming are
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to the sum of human misery or physical incapacity, and with
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"In a sentimental sense it is regrettable that this step should
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could he say that etlier or a mixture of ether and chloro-
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tumor in children could easily be summed up as syphilis, tuber-
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think I may safely say, the majority, are based upon hearsay evi-
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with the odd history he felt some uneasiness as to the nature of the
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ship continues in that classification after his reversion to civil status.
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describes alcohol, air, dew, fire, heat, ice, petroleum, phosphorus,
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practice and adequate perseverance might be crowned
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state," developing, however, more rapidly than in typhoid fever. Jaun-
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volution showed no lesion. On the other hand, he has found lesions in the
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Case II. — Ahdominal Pregnancy ; Death of the Fatiis about
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marrying? Dr. Smith would say yes, but how to do it is
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school of medicine, and I refer particularly to the
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Schools of Surgery. The Professor has some very gratifying things
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sometimes as high as 20 per cent, possibly as the result of an active
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2. To 45 or 50 gallons of water, heated to 122° F., add 12 oz.
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of Medicine, of which be wms at one time librarian and at the
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the saliva and by boiling, a red color being developed..
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has summarized the literature on the subject, states that it is possible that its
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