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blood we have circulating red cells of very uneven value

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is such a practice that has at times brought this valuable instrument into

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region : extradural, extravertebral lipoma ; male, 10 months.

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Gangrene of the Lungs. — This case is reported in the last number, p. 137.

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tion speedily followed, but was relieved in three or four

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for the purpose of caring for the injured and sick per-

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to e.xercise painful influences, or cause him undue excitement;

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While these changes in shape and character are taking

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its use again, but this time the pains did not reappear for six-

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Science." He abandoned the use of all spirits, and.

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hospital and his room closed up and disinfected with formalde-

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prognosis. This last variety consists merely of ihe coagulum of the blood,

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"Criminal prosecutions being had under the statutes of 1870

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hereafter. And it will not be denied, that these form desiderata of no ordi-

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thicken a soup, if they have meat. It is sometimes, also, fried as batter-

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of pemphigus blisters, constantly bursting and discharging,

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cases are noi diagnosed as gouty, although chemically

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of New York, Kings County, in the habeas corpus case of

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or six to eight, 1 eg. tablets during the twenty-four hours, be-

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he found that in 75 per cent, of the cases the disease was

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the omega loop and descending colon, elongation and displace-

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northern climate, with sundry reasons for encouraging southern Institutions,

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The following results of observations made at our request by Dr. Barnes,

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of Brown, no theorist has obtained in Great Britain any considerable num-

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upon pressure; constant vomiting; great thirst; heat of skin, succeeded by

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Yarbrough, Covington, and William B. St. John, Bristol, vice-