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tioned by him to the College at its meeting in November, 1846.

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directed, to be continued every four hours, and frictions with tur-

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•of leeches to the epigastrium and umbilical region produced a per-

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disorders in bleeders and the fact that neurotic remedies exert the greatest

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of the freshly injected culture? As already stated, cultures isolated

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pletely with the water. Cover the pot with pine tops,

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ually lose their sensibility, and the results are not permanent. The slight-

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The innuiry calls for the number of cases of re-vaccination which

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normal pupil. In certain animals the dilatation produced by fright was

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speedily ensued, and although active stimulants were freely admin-

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branes ruptured a considerable quantity of Mood escaped aloDff with

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Respiration weak at the lower margin of the left lung. The bacilli in the sputum

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uneasiness still continuing unrelieved, he returned last fall to Philadel-

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kidney, and bone marrow caused other than local changes, the be-

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Thorax. No effusion in either cavity — several tubercles arc seen

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coming a soft, pulpy, bloody mass, it is also enlarged even beyond what it is

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sumption that no epinephrin whatever is liberated in the absence of

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means of which this confusion may be avoided. The red points oif

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intestinal derangements are best corrected by castor oil or rhubarb and

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tion the patient muttered and appeared to be in a semi-conscious

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October 15. Has been feeling weaker daily. To-day, after a two hours

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creased on tiie succeeding day, when the right arm becomes rigid.

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though it may extend obliquely across the head, or shoot from temple to

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This is only one of many hypotheses which might be advanced