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when, as a student, he roamed the capitals of Europe. Paris

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hemoptysis may be similarly controlled. Further infection of the lung

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Pathology : The virus first attacks the meninges, especially

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at League Park. Star ball loses the pennant to team play every

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Keiser, Assistant Superintendent, Ohio State Institution for Feeble Mind-

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President, George W. Crile, M. D. Secretary, C. A. Hamann, M. D.

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F. C. Herrick mentioned a case seen some years ago, a man with


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L. B. Santee, Marlboro. 2, Spasm of the Arterioles in Arteriosclerosis,

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vestigations of their own, performed in a very careful way.

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ciated with syphilis in the causation of paresis does not seem to hold.

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2. Knutsson, B.: Comparative value of electromyographic,

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The thorax is well developed, fairly broad and deep, ex-

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ten feet from the surface. Either a tug or a gasoline launch

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by private physicians or the City Bacteriological Laboratory are

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Practical Electro-Therapeutics and X-Ray Therapy — With Chapters on

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To prevent the occurrence of suppuration with all its at-

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Leonard Hanna Endowment Fund for the Chair of Clinical Microscopy,

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Hospital for Joint Diseases and Medical Center. Dr.

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near the macula ; this mass is vertically oval ; no areas of atrophy

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primary or secondary syphilis appeared, and also that the declar-

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All other officers, councilors, trustees, members of the

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chloromycetin was legalized 1947