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the end of four days if well borne by the stomach.^

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can be discriminated by the history and longer duration. In children

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blood-dyscrasia probably exerts a toxic inHuence on the liver-cells and

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substance, due to the deposition of fatty granules. (3) Meningo-en-

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(2) Choked disk is almost always bilateral, and occurs in cases of

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dilatation. Again, if the splashing-sound is obtained in a fasting stom-

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made out. The experimental evidence regarding the functions of the

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is persistent, and although in these cases it is rarely severe, the discom-

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agreeable odor coming from one nostril. If the sinus can be washed

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as 1065 or 1070. In a majority of cases the hemoglobin-percentage is

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The disease may also occur as a secondary complication in the course

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tion-pneumonia. Rare and probably accidental symptoms are disturb-

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absent throughout the course of the disease. Death is sometimes

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affections may cause appendicitis is not wanting. (A") It is not improb-

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or all others to whom the proper knowledge of such questions is of vital

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first noticed, folloAved by jaundice, and, if impaction be not absolute, by

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hypoplasia of the brain or in which the brain has wasted, no pressure-

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Dysphagia and regurgitation of food may be caused by spasm in severe

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who 1 do go are likely to make the Congress simply a part of their

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mastication and mental repose, all lend valuable aid to the pre-

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brain in some part of the motor tract, or else general, in which case it is

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recognized morphologically and by culture. Bruce, in two cases, and

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(h) Vegetables : Saur-kraut, lettuce, sorrel, mushrooms, water-cresses,

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an unfortunate happening. Barely a half century ago the medical

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Heat-apoplexy {aspthyxial sunstroke) is probably the least frequent

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(b) Intussusception. — Invagination is the descending "telescoping of

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from the ventricle during cardiac systole. Hence the requirements for

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disappear with each returning evening (after use). All the local symp-

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General Broncho-pneumonia. — The attack develops suddenly and is

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have one stool a day, cceteris paribus, to feel perfectly well. The last is

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racteristics. (6) Habit: a sedentary life conduces to secretive inactivity.

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pression. Obviously, then, the abdomen is asymmetric in appearance.

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most observers as acute rickets, it was subsequently described by Cheadle

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" Gives in a most concise manner the points essential to treatment usually enumerated

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