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theless, nothing has hitherto come to light calculated to shake
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I look forward to the day when there shall be a standard preparation
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was published in the Wide Awake Journal, Mr. Broadcast's
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tion of King Charles II. made doctor to the poor of Aberdeen with
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force and facility, and to which an artificial limb may be applied."
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Morgan. Suffice it to say, however, that we saw a case of
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gramme of dried venom killed a frog, and 0-02 gramme a mouse ^
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may remark, however, that we have seen several cases where,
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often withstand larger doses of the diplococcus than the smaller
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in good harness for the trip through the present and next volume."
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ing the experiences of this early period of his life. He
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add 10 parts of nitre, 5 of red ochre, and 2 of fine smalts. The
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ordinary cirrhosis. As a characteristic feature of this form of cirrhosis,