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We are glad to see that the author gives attention to " irregular gout,"

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and appears to be due to pressure of the indurated mass upon the

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ing to the hairs, while still others are sprinkled upon the clothing, are

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of the blood also involves the vasomotor nerves ; whence the sudden

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usually makes its appearance below Poupart's ligament.

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complication with inflammation of the most important organs, this


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short the disease (according to Wunderlich, one or two five-grain

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no more developed than one of ten or twelve years, she can no

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with the treatment of consumption, we must state some of

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gangrenous bullae, arise upon the skin, and abscesses often develop, or

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Cfilled a stroke of apoplexy, and is only absent when the haemorrhage

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known to die quite suddenly during an apparently perfectly

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are of all grades. A useful comparison m?Ly be made at this

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to use the size and number of the drops of blood oozing up on a cut

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spinal marrow, although in such instances it can hardly be said that

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tation and depression, but they are much more limited than the symp-

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the specific micro-organism. Foodstuffs may also be con-

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"rice-water discharges" of cholera patients, which we shall more

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sionally extends to the mouth and lips, and particularly to the angle

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troublesome cases of restlessness and insomnia can only be

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round ligaments ; a natural position is obtained and there is no

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experience very small initial doses should be employed,

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tains its normal volume, is but moderately albuminous, and shows

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urinary secretion from the time of delivery. Before puttincr

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in the legs, and other disturbances of innervation occurring during a

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In many cases large quantities of pure blood are evacuated. At first

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five days, and in the second case, i6 days after operation.

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creased desire to pass water then sets hi ; the patients often have noc-

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cough ; but since returning to her home has got worse, with

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regarded as obsolete, as it is well known that such articles have no

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Case I had been in a sanatorium and had been discharged

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brown scab ; most of the scabs fall off in three or four days, and leave

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a little better. Sometimes the malady seems to run a medium

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Europe as the common form of typhus ; during the war, at the. com-

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its sternal portion, stands out like a hard cord, while upon the up-

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phragm by the distended intestines, and only a small part of it lies in

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indirect way, practically disposes of such a suggestion, for

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from eight weeks to three months after infection, and the relapses

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nerves as peripheral as soon as they leave the brain, no matter whether

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have recourse to local treatment. I have repeatedly made injections

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Rupia syphilitica, like ecthyma, originates in a destructive derma-

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for the complete arrest of perspiration, and for the decrease in the in-

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extirpation of one ovary to be followed by the growth of a tumor