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She had an attack of diphtheria at thirteen, and one of neuras-

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existed, apparently conducive to insanity. — In three others,

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nipulation of these vessels. The simplest method of dis-

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recognized by an experienced physiciiin wlio lias exam-

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or associate implication of the seventh nerve, through which the

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be excluded, for they had more than once been known to

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tuberculosis and phthisis have followed, certainly must be considered

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lead him to conclude that the salt may be administered

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examined twice a day in order to see that everything is in proper

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rapidity of growth in height, thinness, a long neck,

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usual percentage while the percentage of the lymphocytes is almost double the

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a case under forty. But with most observers | cramp, at least in aggravated form. Clerks,

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portion of the lungs was affected. I regret to state,

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a considerable quantity of clot ; tlie patient had made an unin-

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(Bull, de la Soc. Med. des Hop., Paris, January 23, 1920, xliv, No. 3,

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connective tissue fibres during the first three days swell up and become hyaline,

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On motion, a committee, consisting of Dr. Charles A.

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successfully* mean ? Was the child saved ? If not, and the mother

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fluid cultures in which a considerable amount of fluid serves

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may recur for such true grain of thought, as he possessed and

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neurosurgeons were convinced of the benefits of this

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parasites belong to the haemamoeba type of the order Haemosporidia,

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If I were asked what I consider the greatest acquisi-

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de Jan., 1883, i, 111-113.— Kappoport (L.) Febris inter-

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egainst the artei-j and bone. Arteries in particular