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hot climates. Damp dwellings, poor food, and mental depression are

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culated number 0.4 nearly always represents complete healing of the

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reaction. Chloroform in the proportion of 1 : 20, ethyl alcohol in

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(allergy). On the other hand, absorption of toxins in amounts be-

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disturbances. When it is lower there are respiratory and cardiac symptoms,

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stain of the tissues will remain, notwithstanding the injection of

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glycerin broth culture, when it is mixed in the proportion of 1 : 10,000;

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hemal glands, and the lymphatic sinuses of the lymph glands; (2) macrophages

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which the patient answered in the negative. It continued to en-

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voice. Dr. C. was not, certainly, in the habit of considering every

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flucnce exerted upon the health of children by the present system of

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of syphilitics giving positive Wassermann reactions. As controls the

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added and it was kept in the ice box for 1 month. It was then tested

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D in experimental tuberculosis at the Kitasato Institute. I under-

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healed, and gave no further trouble. The other remained hard and

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conditions must be employed. If there be a chronic malarial taint, quinine

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Since February, 1914, I have conducted experiments with Liquid

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l'anaphylaxie? Ann. el Bull. Soc. roy. sc. med. et fiat. Bruxelles, 1913, lxxi, 25.

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the blood itself (excess of salts, or water, etc. ), or quite probably from both

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effusions to the spine prove beneficial, although hot applications are more

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with any degree of accuracy; the sex is rarely mentioned. The ef-

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developed chancrous lesions of the skin, therefore histologically not

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sive ; spinal infantile paralysis begins suddenly, and after a time a certain

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It will thus be seen that of the experimental animals fifteen, or

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at x, 147, 149, 153, 154 at x, 169, 171, 172, 191, and 192); (6) para-

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external part of the leg. On Jan. 15 the downward inflection of the lower curve

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symptoms were present — the feeble and intermittetit puTse and

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valves connected in such a way that the animal breathed into a

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In 24 of the cases icterus was present at the beginning of the serum

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the ligaments and tissues of the joint, unattended by suppuration and with

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(!. Locate and briefly describe the sui>erflcial and deep

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of this mooth, includiog four weeks, was 689, of which 290 did not

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rise to a bacteremia, while non-virulent cultures did not. Here, also, no quan-

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disease travelled from the interior of the abdomen to the surface.

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syphilitic rabbit from the normal rabbit, except in the form of a con-

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presence of the slightest amount of the pseudo-membranous exuda-