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11. A Rare Abnormality of the Mouth. George W. Grif-

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Before a successful candidate is given a commission as surgeon

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150 'The Treatment of Cancer of the Female Breast. James Bell.

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erB, having in it a large library, and furnishedi^ith lights and fuel, without charge to the student*.

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occurred from sleeping in newly-painted rooms. Lead may be introduced

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ered child. According to the latest review of the subject, 2

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and Stille, ' Med. Jur.' 434.) According to Dr. Chevers C Med. Jur. for India,'

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not originally have been made out, the mere finding

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did not move; both tonsils showed a cut-out appearance, over

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become adherent to the collapsed lung [Vratch , 1888, No. 45). —

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neck, though it may be frontal. Dizziness is often present, and

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Province of Quebec and very largely neglected and imper-

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29 Jour. Infect. Dis., 1914, 15, p. 208; Jour. Med. Research, 1916, 34. p. 377.

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tract for an interval of about 0.05 second. Consequently, by the time

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together a group of cases in which, awing to defect in one eye in the dark the

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probabilities are that it is a relationship between the various bacilli

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Chirurgical OhfervatioTis lelatlve to the Eye, with an Appendix

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tampon as possible is inserted, against which the wing of the nostril is

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the number of patients admitted for that year was 1,901

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