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mind. Nor must I forget the many cases of medicines, liquid and solid. Some

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J. A. Young, formerly of Acasto, Mo., has settled in Bonaparte; Dr. A.

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negative produced, and when it appeared, the dense cloud

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Large octavo of 275 pages, illustrated. By Thomas B. Cullen, M.B., Johns Hopkins University.

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unfortunately, was never carried out ; and to the great advan-

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At these points there is, moreover, an accumulation of the

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All commu7iications for the Editor, and all books for review, should

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ture in a health budget that provided few increases in services

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cultivated in the East and West Indies (Nat. Ord. Legu-

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perienced relief from the cardiac and epigastric pains, after small local bleedings by

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serves as a conductor of sensation and of motor impulses, and it

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would be very larjre, and the important battles wliich have been fought

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examinations, and forming our opinions from them, we must always

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tains about one-fourth of a grain of iodide of potash(y).

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of Obstetrics and Gynecology. • RICHARD T. MYERS, M.D.. Instructor in Surgery. • ROBERT A. MOORE, M.D.,

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first morbid manifestations, and extends to the time when the disease may be

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been from any lack of desire on the Committee's part

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Table IV. — Organisms Observed in and Isolated from the

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most certain signs of carcinoma. Flagellata and ciliata have no patho-

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llie vascular wall, the results of calcification and organization being asso-

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to have yearly the bodies of four criminals for dissection.

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told in feebler accents by the sanitary history of a thousand small towns,

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sufferers who need it so badly, the surroundings but

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cle within the brief span of less than thirty months.

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bacon in a stewpan with some onions, carrots, a bunch of

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that there can be few unaware of them. Indeed, nowadays a patient

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The main points of interest are : 1. Does this one case

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influence of its cerebro-spinal centre ; but Bidder and others have shown that the heart

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Sulphate of quinine, while it is still prescribed by the

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and patient alike — a correct diagnosis. Why? Not because these men