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residue of the fund put at their disposal by the city, in the purchase of

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who planned to place the feeble-minded and epileptic

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morbid inoculated material, from pyaemia with abscesses in

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surgeon. Office manager, filing, typing, bookkeeping,

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system appeared in 1780, and from that time the controversy waxed

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flora in the bowel. The experiments of Herter and Kendall on the

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followed the reading of a paper by myself before the New

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and 39.2° on the 11th, returning gradually to normal (38.5-39°). There was a

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alic acid favors and provokes the menstrual flow, so does

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held her own. She drank one-half pint of port wine daily,

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Professor of Therapeutics in the Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons

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Artificial limbs, certified claims, 1.190, and prior years :

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sufficiency of these researches to prove the specificity of micro-

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inflammatory states involving the meninges. The pro-

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corneitis, as has been most ably pointed out by Mr Jonathan

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jury began investigating their methods, an alleged sale of their insti-

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had the assistance of nothing but the hands of attendants. After

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the supplementary work of a general survey and com-

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syphilis into marriage in the shade — to throw upon their diverse and always grave conse-

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therefore, clearly be impossible for any man— unless, indeed,

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From the frequent concealment of habits of this kind, some Offices now adopt

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esteemed judicious in the treatment of chUdren, more espe-

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chins, when Dr. Hutchins presented that paper he (Dr. Bartley)

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Case VIII.— A. Kriickow, " Wjestnik. Ophth.," May-June,

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with very decided success, so much so that there is neither doubt

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wliich such a statement would seem to indicate. And as the

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of infection, as has been demonstrated by experiments by the writer.

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than three hundred and fifty pages. The title, however, must

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The temperature curve in these infections is very variable, but usually

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