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Edinb. <fe Lond., 1898, v, 265.— Heiiii (F.) Snr un cas
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Journal Managing Editor, Arkansas Medical Society, Post
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{c) Orxic Atrophy. — This may be (1) consecutive, {'2)
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which is cardiac, and but slightly if at all vascular.
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Meat, and especially red meats, are for the time cut off from the
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Uses. — Alteratives are employed in those diseases in
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come from the middle and inferior cervical ganglia, and in part also from
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Sheriffs' Criminal Court, held at Dundee on Monday. A
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they may become dry and brittle and are soon destroyed by
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at times of overstrain, there were symptoms of cardiac
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tating diet. He should not use spirits nor tobacco.
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The pelvic region is first inspected and carefuly pal-
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character. The irregular appetite is not for food, but for absorbent
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Prepare a series of 16 Nessler tubes, which contain the following
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it may be profitable to look back and review the defeats and triumphs
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The first edition of his admirable work appeared but ; of which it treats, in any language. — N. American
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The focus of softening in the medulla, occurring simultane-
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McComas, Ralph Meredith, sp, Huntington, W.Va. A.B. (Marshall C.) '27.
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3. Strychnine or nux vomica, associated with iron and
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through a posterior colpotomy, and then from the anterior
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as a symptom of demarcation and migration of the sequestrum. In
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part of male physicians, most of whom have entered the ranks, while
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The examination of the kidney itself should be most thorough, as in
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Rheumatism, affecting the abdominal muscles, may give rise to certain
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There can surely be nothing more astonishing than the great
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length. Women, as well as men, are liable to have tumours of
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Case 29 is especially interesting. I do not find so
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