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pages quite extensively with an analysis of this interesting
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dressings have been successfully used on the face and hands. A
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Dr. Cartledge: In my experience it is astonishing what little trauma
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Various investigators have estimated that the rat population of a
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Larrey seems to have considered the importance of a de-
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" I think my malaise is chiefly owing to the depressing in-
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Munich, Januaiy 30, 1920, Ixvii, No. 5, p. 124) to be the most effi-
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The speaker first remarked that the subject was chosen with
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Reject this principle, and the admirable structure of the brain is
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appears to be compensatory, since urea has been found in the vomit. It
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ease that is in question, but also other animals into which it is introduced.
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Fitch E. Oliver, M. D., Assistant in Materia Medica.
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of ewes since the 1st of May, and he also lost annually from
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has been added since the monograph by Meyer, of Copenhagen, in 1873,
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Without going exhaustively into the question of differ-
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have suffered from disability from war wounds more or less.
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ciple artery of a limb, the first effect which follows is a lessening of
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coming up from the electrodes through the top of the bell-glass.
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Formerly the characteristics which made up the clinical
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should be of interest. Flint says : ** When convalescence takes place
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the cancers were detected in their early stages, all 27 were
in pulmonary tuberculosis, and the benefit of such care
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also the staining method recommended by Pappenheim for distinguishing tubercle
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greatest amount of money each year in this area. There are
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of course could not have been the cause of the long
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fact that it finds itself in circumstances for which it is unfitted, and
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Vagitus uterinus. — Let us suppose that the evidence of a child having been
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a meal for its effect on proteids, it must be with the under-
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of the thyroid is forcibly shown in the activity of
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1*7^ ^ shortest ^OOth of an in ch in diameter. The central nucleus was
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the utility of our enterprise. But in so far as it is useful to the pro-
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ing Physician for Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Or.
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Insurers are under fire, as you know, on the drive-thru
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vigor in those parts of Italy which were governed by that
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agreement among anatoniicul teachers concerning the
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and are not predictive of subsequent seizures. These facts
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pain and could move his body in any direction, bending his spine
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Quarters, U. S. Army Troops in United States July 1946— June 1950.
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pelvis the many-tailed bandage was infinitely preferable
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the contiguous parts, where there is swelling from inflammation, must be covered
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a healthy condition save the fact of a very slight blood-
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Omaha Bee : The writer is undoubtedly a deep thinker, and his work will